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The SAT I changed format in March 2016. The changes were big, but we can help you be prepared. Our tutors understand the Redesigned SAT I inside and out, and will help you get the scores you need.

The Redesigned SAT I (also just called the SAT) is a four-hour exam comprising English and mathematics sections, and is one of the two basic exams for gaining admission to a US college or university (the other being the ACT). It tests students on a combination of knowledge, speed, and accuracy, and the score is used as an important filter by top US colleges.

We would encourage students to consider the alternative (and more popular) exam, the ACT, which is a better fit for many people. Read about the differences between ACT and SAT here.

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On the SAT there are four main sections: Writing & Language, Reading, Math (split into calculator and non-calculator sections), and an essay. Students receive several different scores, the main one being an overall score out of 1600 combining the scores of the Math and the Reading & Writing sections, each marked out of 800. In addition there are three ‘test scores’ marked out of 40, for the Reading, Writing & Language, and Math tests. The essay is marked out of 8 on three categories: Reading, Analysis, and Writing. Finally, there are two ‘cross-test’ scores out of 40, which analyse questions from across the test divided into two categories: History & Social Studies, and Science.

Our London-based tutors have been working hard to come up with the best way to prepare students for the New SAT I and have passed the test with full marks . Within our supportive and motivational environment they will assess your needs, help you choose which test to do, and provide expert private tuition using our custom-made teaching materials. We understand and can explain the best way to get to get to grips with this test and score highly on it.

Tuition and Courses

Our programme of SAT I tutoring includes our bespoke course materials, all the books needed, and regular progress reports.

We also tutor the SAT II Subject Tests , and run SAT courses in London.

To discuss our tuition and how we might help you, or to ask any questions at all, please contact us .

Tuition and Courses

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