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37 Crawford St

What to expect from UES London

Once you contact us this is what you can expect to happen:
  • If you have requested us to do so, we will phone you back (or email you if you prefer).
  • We will discuss with you your needs and give you general advice on the application procedure for the schools or universities you’re interested in.
  • We will answer any questions you have about our tuition or tutors.
  • If you decide to go ahead with private tuition, we will take some details and decide which tutor or tutors will suit you the best, and when and where they will tutor your child.
  • We will email you a link to register your details and to accept our terms and conditions, and then to confirm your preferred payment method. This can be by Direct Debit, bank transfer, or by card online. Payments can be made in advance or in arrears.
  • Once lessons are confirmed, we will send you a reminder email 48 hours before your first lesson.
  • Your tutor will be waiting for your child at the agreed time and location. They will have with them all the necessary materials to give you as part of your package.
  • We will keep in regular contact with you to make sure you’re happy, answer any questions you might have, and to give you progress feedback and personal support.
If you are interested in our SAT or ACT courses, we will take payment from you when you are ready to commit to a particular course, at which point your booking is confirmed. We will keep in regular contact with you before and after the course, and give you personal feedback on your child’s progress at the end of the course.

Skype tuition:
The process will be as above for in-person tuition, though of course the tutor will probably not meet you in person. However, we welcome — and indeed encourage — you to meet us in person before you commence tuition or at any point during your child's time with us. Please see the Skype pages for more information.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries whatsoever, or to book tuition or a place on a course.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all.
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