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ACT group courses in London and worldwide

ACT group courses in LondonAn excellent way to get to grips with the ACT in a short space of time. We have upcoming ACT courses - please book your place as soon as possible!

The ACT is an alternative US entry exam to the SAT. If you are unsure as to which you should be taking, please contact us for an unbiased discussion. We are specialists in both of these exams and it is in our interest to make sure you choose the exam that will best help your chances of getting into the university of your choice!

Our ACT courses comprise over 20 hours of intensive yet enjoyable small-group tuition, bringing the student up to a good level in all three areas (maths, English and science) and getting them well on their way to achieving a good score on their ACT test. By the end of the course, they will understand what they are best at, what they need to practise, and how to approach the problems in order to maximise their accuracy, speed and score.

All our courses are taught in London by a team of highly experienced ACT tutors, all of whom have passed the ACT sections with full marks. The high teacher-to-student ratio ensures that each student gets plenty of one-to-one attention and that the tuition is tailored to their learning style.

The courses are not only extremely valuable, but also very enjoyable – we want the student to come away feeling motivated and happy about the ACT test ahead of them!
  • 20+ hours of expert tuition;
  • Lots of personalised, individual feedback and help;
  • Our custom-made teaching materials;
  • All the official course books;
  • A personalised folder;
  • A final progress report.
We also run evening ACT courses in conjunction with certain schools in London. These cover all the same things as the five-day course, but are spread out over several weeks and take place in a school. Please ask us or your school if you are interested in these.

Please contact us for an immediate discussion or to book over the phone. Courses fill up quickly!

Please see here for our list of available courses and to book a place.
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